In March 2016 the Dirt Production team wrapped the feature film This Side of the Dirt which was filmed in seven days at the beautiful home of Mrs. Jane Sibley in Old Enfield near downtown Austin.  Filmmakers worked tirelessly to complete the rigorous shooting schedule however they still managed to have one one of the most fun, enjoyable shoots to date. Director of Photography Andrew Baird worked with his RED Dragon alongside Michael Hurley who operated the B Camera. They lensed the film on vintage Cooke glass which gave the image a soft yet beautifully unique look. Assistant Director George Sledge ran the crew for 12 hour shifts with minimal overtime and came in on budget and on schedule. Director, Ty Roberts, is working with editors to complete the film for screening in late summer or fall 2016. Producers are looking to premier the film at film festivals in late 2016 or early 2017 and are excited about brining This Side of the Dirt to life on the big screen.